#GoodYouthPrison Week 2015

NETHERLANDS | 12 – 18 OCT 2015



Innovative solutions for  youth in conflict with the law, that is what the #GoodYouthPrison Week is about. In the Netherlands, for example, 51% of formerly encarcerated youth reoffend. Youth recidivism is a worldwide challenge. Luckily there are many innovative projects all over the world that book beter results than mainstream encarceration programs. For this reason Young in Prison asks this week: How can we improve youth recidivism?

To involve a larger group of professionals in the discussion around innovation in the sector, YiP calls for attention for this debate in both traditional and social media during the #GoodYouthPrison week. Everything that happens on this theme that week can be followed via the hashtag #GoodYouthPrison.


We look forward to seeing you online or at one of our events – or both! 

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